Beta-Update für Xbox One verfügbar - News


Für einige Tester im Beta-Programm ist jetzt das Update 1811 für die Xbox One verfügbar, das die Maus-&-Tastatur-Unterstützung aktiviert, vorerst aber nur in "Warframe". Der Changelog hat alle weiteren Infos und Verbesserungen.


New Features

Family Settings

  • Children signing up for new accounts will now be asked to add a parent only if required to by local privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR or COPPA). This means that some minors, like teens in the U.S., will no longer have to add a parent and join a Microsoft family during signup. Xbox privacy and online safety defaults will still be applied based on age, and in order to change those, the minor would need to add a parent on Xbox who can then change their settings. Minors not in a family can add a parent anytime in Settings > Account > Family settings > Add a parent. Joining a family would also allow the parent and child to use other family features like content restrictions, screen time, activity reporting, and spending.
  • Children that are subject to local privacy regulations will still be required to add a parent during signup. While this will create a Microsoft family through which the parent can use family features like content restrictions, screen time, activity reporting, and spending, the parent will no longer be required to sign in on Xbox. If a parent wants to change their child’s Xbox privacy and online safety settings, the parent can sign in separately on Xbox and manage their family in Settings > Account > Family settings.
  • Existing child accounts are not affected by this change and will remain with their parents in their current Microsoft family.

Mouse & Keyboard Support

  • We have enabled mouse support in the build. Please check out the Quest in the Xbox Insider Hub to experience mouse and keyboard support in Warframe.

Search Enhancements

  • The search function has been enhanced across the console and will now return responses from the Xbox Assist application for example to help with help, support and troubleshooting. Please check out the Quest in the Xbox Insider Hub to help us gather feedback.



  • Users are notified of changes to clubs groups via Real Time Activity.
  • The Activity Feed will have text that reads Default when the user has created new channels within their clubs


  • Added a new notification count for invitations in Guide based on your inbox.
  • Added Party/Game/Club Invites support in the notification inbox


  • Fixes to the Game Pass twist as secondary items sometimes don’t load.
  • Accessibility fixes to the Welcome experience of Game Pass.
  • Localization fixes.
  • Added a home Xbox “Learn more” button, and dialog “Help” button

Known Issues

Achievement Toasts:

  • Recent achievement notifications not clearing.

Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter the incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.
29. Okt / 07:35